Feed your skin with our new PREBIOTIX Cleansing Cream!! Utilising breakthrough technology in microbiome science, fermentation technology and ultra-hydrating micro-oils designed to boost your skin’s healthy appearance. 

The PREBIOTIX Cleansing Cream has a delicate and rich texture to deeply cleanse the skin without drying. The PREBIOTIX Cleanser should be used to hydrate and help defend your skin from pollutants and all the other free radical attacks that happen daily such as sunshine, ageing (can’t help that one!), walking by smoke, air conditioning and heating, stress and more....all things that can wear on your skin’s health. Plus, the lavender aroma is just’ll feel like you are in a spa.  

How to use: 

Morning Routine - 

  1. Supplement Boost: Feed your body to support your skin – we recommend using the PREBIOTIX Antioxidant Beauty Boost in your morning smoothie to help protect your inner microbiome. Mix with organic coconut milk or water! 
  2. Exfoliate: Facial + Exfoliating Mask + Cleanser Multi-tasker (every few days) –  try the PREBIOTIX Instant Flash Facial in the shower and you can just rinse off those plant gommage exfoliating beads.  
  3. Cleanse: While in the shower, apply a generous amount of the new PREBIOTIX Cleansing Cream for a double cleanse. 
  4. Sun protection: Mineral zinc broad spectrum protection—every morning-- with our Stem Cellular CC Cream (7 shades) or Oil Free Moisturizer SPF 30.

Evening Routine - 

  1. Cleanse with the PREBIOTIX Cleansing Cream to hydrate & effectively remove makeup. Rinse. For a more spa like moment, we recommend using our Eco Cleansing Cloth for an ultra-soft touch. Apply the Cleansing Cream and then apply our warm cloth over your face.  
  2. Serum: Use the right serum for you! Still blemished or oily skin --> Blemish Clearing Serum. Sensitive and need hydration --> Antioxidant Serum; Starting fine lines/wrinkles and have sun damage --> Green Apple Age Defy Serum. 
  3. Moisturise – follow with our PREBIOTIX Hydrating Gel Moisturizer.

How does it feel? 

A luxurious cream that brings freshness and soothing while cleansing, spreading easily and rinses well while removing makeup. Your skin will feel comfy and hydrated!! 

The plant-based aroma is light and lets the lavender first be discovered, before revealing a more sophisticated and luxurious clary sage aroma. 

Why is it different than other cleansers? 

The skin microbiome protecting PREBIOTIX fermentation blend! And the level of hydrating ingredients like aloe and coconut cleansers (instead of harsh sulfate cleansers) in the PREBIOTIX Cleansing Cream, makes it more luxurious than other cleansers and protects your skin from harmful irritants throughout the day. You'll also love the aroma and creamy application that will leave your skin deeply cleansed but hydrated.